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New Generation of Package Bag

We are willing to show you our quality of package bag.
1.Package bag use strong PVC material which is waterproof, fire retardant and non-toxic.
2.We are capable of producing the package bag by our own design. It has blue handle on it for the convenience of handling and shipping.
3.With our rich experience in exporting inflatable products, it can hold inflatable weight,which can save you lots of money and energy.

Past :


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How to get fun from inflatable games ?

As the rapid development of technology, more people would like to sit at the PC set or television, instead of playing outdoor games for exercising. What is worse, most of them, even for adults, get tired of boring physical exercising activities, which have not creative fun. Thus, child should be encouraged to flex some muscles, jump, run, and stumble, not just burn hours in front of the television. Imagine how wonderful a game filled with exciting activities to get rid … Read More

How to make an inflatable slide as 2 parts?

Many people are confused whether a long slip N slide can be made as 2 separate parts, like the following slide.

Split the slide into 2 sections, a dry slide and other section as a slip n slide. Sure, that also can be used as a complete unit. East Inflatables can do it for you!

Put anchor points on both sides where the crosses are (diagram) so that can tie/lace the 2 parts together. Like the following photos show.
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Aviva Aqua Park

It is a very good ideal that do business with the water park. With heavy work and study, all people need to relax under the financial crisis. And your rates range may be from 1/2day to a whole week with different price so that it can meet various demands.

Here I want to describe the whole water park in detail. It consists of several parts as follows,

(1) Two pieces Aviva Oribit Floating Trampoline

Its not just a trampoline anymore. … Read More

How to anchor inflatable water sport products?

Create rock-solid anchoring

Many of the inflatable water sports products on East Inflatables Manufacturing recommend the use of an anchoring system for the highest level of safety. But which type of anchor is right for you? There are many ways to anchor your inflatable products. Before moving forward, however, it is wise to master some local regulations regarding what types of anchors can be used at your end. Different places own different anchoring suggestions.

Quality Anchor Rope Is Key

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How to get benefits from inflatable tent ?

With inflatable tent, you can certainly make an instant brand image. Normal chances are that inflatable tent is an easy way to attract media attention. Increased visibility always means increased profits. The inflatable tent from East inflatable manufacturing Co., Ltd can last 3 years. And some tents can be used properly in many occasions such as advertisements, party. You must input some money at the begin of your business and then use them to expand your business and earn your … Read More

How to set up inflatable water park trampoline?

Inflatable water park trampoline is the one of popular element for water park. Our commercial grade Inflatable Water Trampolines are made of 0.9mm PVC tarpaulin, the diameters are from 3-6m(10ft-19.7ft) at your options..With Stainless steel on it, for the safety problem, we will add the mat on the steel to avoid hurt. It can connect with slide, bridge or other elements.Your best unique choice for aqua park.

Today, I would like to share some points how to set up the … Read More

How to get benefits from inflatable arch´╝č

You want to do something that let spotlight on your business to help make your service stand apart from others, that where inflatable arch come into play. When you want to run a successful business, you should keep in mind that a factor of accomplishment is the concept of doing things that separate you from your competitors. With outdoor advertising inflatables, you can stylishly greet, promote a brand, grab attention to a special event. Regardless of circumstance, you can use … Read More

How much space is needed?

For the Large Inflatables: Minimum 5m wide x 6m deep (INCLUDING SAFETY MAT), allow 5m overhead clearance. We cannot set up under power lines regardless of the amount of overhead clearance available.

For the Medium Inflatables: Minimum 5m wide x 5.5m deep (INCLUDING SAFETY MAT), allow 3.75m overhead clearance. We cannot set up under power lines regardless of the amount of overhead clearance available.

For the Combo w/slide: Minimum 5.5m wide x 7m deep (INCLUDING SAFETY MAT), allow 4.75m overhead … Read More

Inflatable boats

Inflatable boats are welcome by adventurers in world. Mostly of adventures like to enjoy their holiday on the inflatable boats on the river. They are drifting, seeing the beautiful scenery, fishing. How wonderful time is!

Of course, you need to choose a fantastic inflatable boats. The material of inflatable boats is Heavy duty 1000 denier polyester re-enforced- PVC, and you can choose aluminum floor or fiber glass floor as you need. Then you can choose the suitable size of the … Read More