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Inflatable Air Dancer

The gorgeous dancing is the most wonderful! Our air dancers can be able to present a variety of lively poses and brilliant colors. The inflatable air dancer which produced in our company can be used for advertisement, decoration, party, celebration and so on. It can also be made for the moving performance and welcome receptions.

You know different material has different price. Our material is the best material and our products are in high quality.We use double or triple stitched, even quadruple stitched in some place where needs to reinforce.

Also, we can make the products according to your requirements; you can provide us with your ideal design, tell us your ideal size, ideal color, any modifies please feel free to tell us, and then we can make it for you! We can also print your name, your logo, your slogan, your advertisement, your greetings, your celebrations on the products. And don’t be worry, for these prints are all free!

When we look confused or upset, the air dancer is dancing in the air, it must make you feel that all the word compared with your happiness they are so small and insignificant, so please pay attention to the air dancer; it will definitely make your mood flow up with the wonderful air flowing!

Easy to use, easy to install, safe, and harmless, durability, reasonable price, life span for many years. With these functions and advantages, shouldn’t you choose it?

Use our dancers to add more attraction, and help you get further success! Your confidence comes from our commitment, and our smiles comefrom your satisfaction!

Written by Amy from East Inflatables.

Introduction of Jolly Jumps

Jolly Jumps focus on sales and rental business.

Jolly Jumps are the exclusive distributor for Australia and NZ for licensed Jumping Castles-Disney, Warner Bros, DreamWorks, and Sesame Workshop. They have over 200 inflatables IN STOCK NOW, ready for fast delivery. Jolly Jumps carry over 80 different types of jumping castles and mechanical rides, such as Surfboards, Bulls, Skate Boards and Waterslides. They sell Mechanical Bulls/Surf Machines as well and specialize in supporting you to start up your own business within the Amusement Industry. All their inflatables carry a 12 month quality workmanship guarantee.
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As one of the largest party rental companies in Australia, Jolly Jumps is committed to bringing you the widest and greatest variety of inflatable jumping castles to best fit your party needs. They have a large range of castles that have mesh windows or inflated walls, slides, obstacle courses and basketball hoops, all in the one inflatable product! The most exciting products on today’s market are all within their Rental Division, which has been operating for 12 years servicing Brisbane, Gold Coast and SE Qld. They carry $20 million public liability insurance, and all inflatables are set up by their trained staff.
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Jolly Jump’s products are engineered and certified by registered professional engineers to meet and exceed all standards of Australian Standard AS.3533.4.1. They use only the finest quality, heavy duty, reinforced vinyl, flexobar knotless netting and extra strength thread. Quality materials result in longer life and higher profitability. All jumpers and combos now have the new Lite N strong vinyl. Jolly Jump units are crafted for maximum durability. They are built with double, triple and quadruple stitching, along with polypropylene and nylon reinforced webbings at the all important stress points. They carefully engineer every component to make sure that sufficient amount of air is distributed to all sections of the unit.
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Jolly Jumps has been in business and serviced Australia for 11 years and values you as a customer, therefore they invest time and effort in researching different types of equipment to cater to your needs. Their team is made up of experienced individuals who will assist you in planning your special event by leading you in the right direction in choosing the best inflatables that will match the theme of your party. Customers give them quite a good feedback.

Written by Fiona from East Inflatables.

Introduction of B-Air


The B-Air is located in 550 S Ayon Ave., Azusa, California91702. The family of B-Airs, whether it be a … ‘Kodiak’ , ‘Panda’, ‘Grizzly’, ‘Super Bear’, ‘Koala’, ‘Cub’ or a ‘BIG BEAR’ is certain to meet all of your inflatable blower needs.

For the past decade, B-Air Blowers has been creating and designing various blowers and fans that answer the needs for the Inflatable industry from Safety, Design and Function.

All of B-Air Blower’s products are manufactured in their state of the art factory to provide the best quality products available.


1 YEAR: From Original Purchase date will cover all parts, labor and one-way shipping costs to your location in the 48 Contiguous states, using UPS Ground Service. Customer will pay shipping cost to our warehouse. Canada and Non-Contiguous States must pay for freight both ways.

5-YEAR: B-Air will cover Housing from date of Original purchase.

1. Blower must have back pressure, meaning it must be attached to an inflatable or duct to avoid any damage to motor.
2. Keep children away from unit at all times while in operation and/or plugged in.
3. Do not put fingers or other objects in unit while in operation and/or plugged in.
4. Do not operate in pooled water to avoid electric shock.
5. Motor must be kept dry at all times. if unit becomes wet, thoroughly dry before next operation.
6. Indoor use: use only with a grounded plug and/or extension cord to avoid risk of electrical shock or fire. Remember never to use a cord with any kind of damage or wear.
7. Make sure the power source is sufficient to meet the requirements of the blower.
8. Keep air intakes clear at all times to avoid clogging or blocking in order to prevent overheating the unit. Blocking the air intakes could result in a fire or electrical hazards.
9. Do not remove any safety guards from this unit to prevent injury to persons, and to avoid objects from coming in contact with the blower wheel. unit damage in this manner will void your warranty.
10. Do not operate unit close to any dangerous areas, such as explosive gases, flammables, heaters and ventilated environments, which may result in explosions or electrical hazards.
11. Do not use any form of speed control device as doing so may risk injury or fire.
12. Always place blower on a smooth and leveled surface for safe operation.
13. Do not operate in stacked position.
14. Do not use unit if damaged.
15. Before cleaning or servicing unplug unit.
16. All blowers in operation must be supervised at all times.

B-Air Blowers are the only blowers available on the market with outstanding quality and performance backed by an award for”Best Customer Service”.At B-Air Blowers, there is a special application department, which was created to hear Clients special blower needs in the event that their current models do not apply. Just email them with your special requests, they can create the ideal models.
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As a result of our high quality products and outstanding customer service, which was recognized by an award at IAAPA (International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions), B-Air Blowers have become the preferred choice of Blowers for leading manufacturers in the Inflatable Industry.

Written by Doris from East Inflatables.

Information of airquee inflatables

Airquee was built in 2003 in Bristol, UK. In 2007 Airquee was introduced to the idea of manufacturing in Europe. 11 years on andAirquee Ltd has gone from strength to strength. They now have a full office in Bristol, UK, two factories in Romania, 15 distributors in different countries!

Airquee enormous range of products includes:
• Bouncy castles – A Frame, pillar & beam, arched, themed, disco domes, low bouncers, slide combo units and any other type you can imagine!

• Swimming pool inflatables – Aqua runs, constant flow, sealed inflatables, aqua slides, water slides.

• Promotional inflatables – Arches, columns, sky dancers, bespoke and custom designed eye-catching items!

• Inflatable games for teenagers & adults – rodeo bulls, laser mazes, sumo suits, bungee games and more.

• Sports inflatables – football, rugby, basketball, tennis, golf…

• Industry accessories – including fans/blowers, cleaning products and ropes.

Show room:
In October 2012 Airquee created their showroom in the UK where customers can come and see our inflatables in action! They always have a selection of inflatables ready to present to their customers but if you would like to see something particular, please call them so they can arrange it for you.

PIPA Inspection:
PIPA is an organisation providing a database of RPII inspectors and all UK inflatable units that have a PIPA tag.
Airquee is an accredited RPII inspection body for bouncy castles, bouncy slides, inflatable slides, obstacle courses, fun runs and assault courses.


All Airquee inflatables and products are backed by our 12 months return to base manufacturer’s warranty.
To help them deal with any issues quickly, emailing photos of the problem can significantly speed up the process. The photos should include a close up of the problem and a wide shot to illustrate where on the inflatable the problem is located.

You can order Airquee goods not only in UK because they have 15 distributors in different countries.

Airquee is the largest manufacturer and supplier of inflatables in Europe. If you can imagine it, Airquee can make it.

Written by Candy from East Inflatables.

The Introduction of Bouncing Angels


The Bouncing Angels is located in 895 North Todd Ave. Azusa CA 91702. Main markets are North America, South America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Eastern Asia. With more than 14 years, bouncing Angels is an inflatable rental company that offers free delivery, setup, and take down. They have inflatable jumpers, moonwalks, bounce houses, and games for your party. They provide service for private, school, church, or corporate event .The children will have lots of fun. All inflatables come in many sizes and shapes.

Every Bouncing Angels product comes with a multi-year seam to seam warranty – covering all normal wear and tear of the unit. With proper care and maintenance, your units will continue to provide big benefit. If any unlike event of any defect in manufacturing, you’re completely covered for repairs and/or a replacement unit.

Company features:
1. Consistent quality with friendly reliable service.
2. Professional team, information, tools and support network you need in the market and succeed.
3. Assistance and support to customers in starting a Rental Business.
4. Experienced staff plus state-of-the-art technology.
5. Culmination of years of innovative research, engineering and on-site manufacturing of superior inflatable jumpers.
6. Superior design and construction ensures a longer life of the unit.

Written by Cathy from East Inflatables.

Introduction of Moonwalk Forum

Moonwalk Forum is the Internets latest addition in online communities tailored specifically to the Inflatable Party Rental Industry. It owns around 500,000 visitors since March 27, 2005. Moonwalk Forum is free to open to the public. It is designed for anyone that is interested in starting an Inflatable Party Rental business, might already be involved in one, or owns a company whether large or small and wants to share ideas and information. This forum is here to help you start, improve or grow your Party Rental – Inflatable Business! Veteran members and industry professionals are all willing to help you succeed.

The Member Services Area of Moonwalk Forum is designed to be a location for all your party rental needs such as links to valuable resources including inflatable manufacturers, concession machine suppliers, and game resources. Also within Member Services you will find pictures and videos concerning training and instruction for safe and operational use of your rental equipment; and valuable resources to pass on to your customers. If you are interested in starting a bounce house business, we think it’s a great place to start!

Moonwalk Forum has a Rental Directory for all-around world Bounce House Companies and Party-Rental Businesses to get listed if they don’t have a website. They look forward to visiting with you on the Moonwalk Forum! New information can be found daily!


Written by Sharon from East Inflatables.

Introduction of Magic jump

Magic Jump is an inflatable manufacturer based in Sun Valley, California. Established in 1996, and supplier of inflatable play structures — such as bouncy castles, obstacle courses, a wide variety of slides, combo units, and inflatables suitable for use in water — to independent businesses.

Magic Jump’s inflatable products are created with the idea of them lasting over time, both in style and life. Each product that is produced is inflated and inspected before shipment to ensure a complete and quality item for our customers. From the beginning to the end of the assembly line, all of our inflatables are proudly manufactured in the United States.

Magic jump operated entirely in the USA. They produce quality bounce houses and interactive inflatables for children and even adults of all ages to enjoy. Magic Jump was not always an inflatables manufacturer; it started off in the spring of 1995 as a Los Angeles party rentals business. You can buy or rent in magic jump.
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Written by Amy from East Inflatables.

Introduction of JB-Inflatables

JB-Inflatables started in 2003 located in Netherlands, it has been in the line of designing, manufacturing and selling unique bouncy castles, inflatable games, sky dancers and custom inflatables all over the world, JB-inflatables has Europe’s biggest stock of inflatable slides, obstacle courses and other inflatable games. Due to their high quality standard and unique 5 year warranty, they have sold inflatables to renting companies, family entertainment centers, hotels, indoor playgrounds, cities, churches not just in Europe, but all over the world for 11 years!

JB-Inflatables has a large product range of bouncy castles slides, games in every possible size, shape or dimension, all the inflatable are IN STOCK.

JB-Inflatables use the finest fire resistant, durable (lead free) PVC Material (with a weight of 680 Grams per square meter) to safeguards quality of bouncy castle and inflatable games. On vulnerable areas, they always use 4 times stitching. The bounce-area however has mostly 6 times stitching which is fairly unique in this industry.

Buying an inflatable from JB-Inflatables means buying a safe, innovative, top quality inflatable, will guarantee lots of fun for your business.

When you are looking to buy a professional bouncy castle, inflatable slide, obstacle course or any type of other inflatable they are happy to help you, their skilled design team is happy to design your ideal promotional inflatable, they can create anything!

JB-inflatables is only one manufacturer in this industry that provide clients with a 5 year warranty on every single bouncy castle or inflatable game. If there are any issues regarding the product that you’ve purchased they can solve this quickly in repair department, In addition to our unique 5 year warranty, we also offer our clients a free repair service for the first 5 years after their purchase.
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JB-Inflatables keep developing new types and models of bouncy castles every year and will make sure that clients will be amazed by their top quality and innovative products!

Written by Ada from East Inflatables.

Introduction of HEC World wide

HEC Worldwide is a leading inflatables manufacturer founded in Orlando, FL, which supplies Inflatable Slides, Obstacle Courses, Bouncers, Combos, Water Slides, Toddlers, Juniors, Interactive Sports, etc. Obviously, HEC worldwide targets global markets. But this company established another branch office in Los Angeles, CA. To some extent, the layout means it aims at American large inward market.

HEC Worldwide is a member of Air show and IAAPA. There is no Disney themed product in this company. For Disney fans, what a pity it is! But HEC worldwide puts designs into priority all the time,where customers candepend on HEC Worldwide to be there for them when it counts.Different from Ninja Jump rich in a series of Disney-themed bouncy castles, HEC worldwide design and produce an array of new-style bouncy houses dependently. TheirJurassic Adventure®, 3 Ring Circus™ and Kidz Gym™ is sure to be a hit at any event.

HEC Worldwide has created some of the most recognized Inflatable Slides in the industry including the Screamer® Inflatable Slide and Accelerator Inflatable Slide Series and the world’s largest portable dry slide: their35′ The EdgeInflatable Slide. Besides, the newest craze to hit the inflatable industry is their Vertical Rush series featuring the ultimate in flexibility and connectivity!Connect the Vertical Rushto theirX Factor™ to create the Juggernaut™!Customers can also mix and match their30′ Obstacle Course, 40′ Obstacle Course or the Rock Climb Slide to create an awesome obstacle course that will be a perfect fit for any event!

Written by Fiona from East Inflatables.

Introduction of eInflatables

eInflatables is Located in sunny southern California who offers the largest selection of affordable inflatable play structures, including Water Slides, Dry Slides, Wet & Dry Slides, Combo Units, Obstacle Courses, Inflatable Games, Bouncers and more.
They have been producing the highest quality, made-in-the-USA bouncers, slides and obstacle courses in the industry for 20 years.
eInflatables is the Top 5 among USA inflatables manufacturers.

  •  Super Star Products

Their most popular products are slides which have amazing designs and safety manufacture standard.

  • Top quality

eInflatables is commercial grade and they create cutting-edge designs to ensure safety first. They have own manufacture standard as follows:
1.18.5oz fire retardant, lead-free, commercial-grade coated vinyl
2.Military-spec nylon baffles
3.Heavy-duty industrial thread
4.Two rows of stitching on every single seam
5.Six rows of stitching on mattresses, double reinforcement strips on both sides
6.Patented locking entry door on all bouncers
7.Oversized structural supports

  • Customization

eInflatables can create an custom inflatable that suits your needs. You just need to tell them what you ideals and show them a drawing and they will turn it into a three-dimensional work of art. Then you will get the outstanding inflatables for your business and win!

  • Customer Support

eInflatables provides many opportunities to new business man or successful rental company or family entertainment center. You don’t need to worry about how to start or extend your inflatables business. Just Browse their blog, or download one of their eBooks to get valuable information. Their team can advise on marketing strategies, management techniques, and day-to-day operations. They can also help you streamline your systems by providing sample rental agreements, liability waiver forms, and many of the other documents your business needs.
Now they have several popular starter business packages for new business men.

  • Warranty

All inflatables manufactured by eInflatables: Two (2) years from the date of shipment to the buyer. (One year warranty for units sold for indoor use.)

When you work with eInflatables, you get the largest selection and the most exhilarating inflatables in the industry. Need to get the edge over your competition? Let them be your business partner!

Written by Candy from East Inflatables.