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What could people benefit from the water ball?

This is a water walking ball, where you stay, and then start to roll with abandon by the seaside or on the swimming pool. Trust you must imagine what an interesting & challenging scene! Maybe you have ever been used to the normal routines of everyday life. Maybe you got enough of the heavy work and busy life. Maybe you’ve been looking for a best way for self-liberation but failed. Well, great escape shows up-Water walking ball, could help escape from the boredom and pressure of life. Shall we have a try? Come on!
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Work is never done, but youth is limited. When young, enjoy your life! Hey guys, stop for a while, more surprises & challenges waiting for you. No endless emails, no continuously ringing telephone, no dull meetings here. With sunshine, gentle wind, sand beach or grassland, a group of friends, relax and be yourself. That’s enough. How long have you spent with your family at a leisure weekend? How often have you remembered to give your guys several calls in a week? Call them and ask them out right now.
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In this hot summer, turn aside your work for a week and accompany your family or friends to have a pleasant and relaxing holiday. Our water walking ball must be your best choice. Bring your guys to start a challenging and exciting journey. So what are you waiting for? Don’t hesitate and take action quickly!

Written by Fiona from East Inflatables.

How to Pick up inflatables from Sydney warehouse?

With the expansion of East Inflatables’ Australian business, more and more Australian Customers choose to buy from our Sydney warehouse. There are 2 ways that the clients can get their inflatables: 1) Asking us to arrange the shipping for them, and the shipping freight is the buyer’s responsibility. 2) Directly going to the Sydney warehouse to pick up the inflatables themselves.

The first ways is very easy, you just need to pay the shipping fee and our company will be responsible for arranging all the shipping work in 3 working days.But there are some steps that you should note if you choose to fetch the inflatables up from the warehouse yourself.


And here is the steps:
1) First and the most important, when you have paid the money, you should contact the sales person early, they will tell you the date and necessary files you should prepared, then they will send you the necessary info of the products. Or you can’t get your products. We need time to arrange the work.
2) Working time of the Sydney warehouse:Monday – Friday (9:00,am – 5:00,pm)
3) Knowing the packaging sizes and weights of the your products and arranging the capable car or truck to pick up the goods
4) Necessary Documents: Copies of your passports, ID card and license plate number of the car or truck you dries to pick up the inflatables(ID card and the license plate number is must files that required)
5) Warehouse Address: pls contact your salesperson for details.
6) With all these necessary files and product info, you can bring your inflatables home.

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Written by Doris from East Inflatables.

Bounce house rolling machine

A Bounce House Rolling machine can make the job of rolling up an inflatable super easy! The machine can easily roll up most inflatables by itself and make super big inflatables an easy job. 1 man can operation without straining your back on most inflatables.

It is not only a rolling machine. It can be used to move the inflatable with a hand truck or just easily roll the inflatable to where you need it. Works great on all surfaces. It also can be used to move most trailers! This eliminates hooking up your truck, just move it and park it where you want it, even when you can’t get your vehicle in there.

It is also very easy to move. No need to add any special wheels or adapters!

A Bounce House Rolling machine is really your great helper!


Written by Candy from East Inflatables.

How to get profit from inflatable obstacle course?

Inflatable obstacle course is usually huge inflatables with many other inflatables such as inflatable slide, bounce houses. It’s very popular in birthday parties. If you do not like other boring games, inflatable obstacle course can add sparkles in the party. Obstacle course is indispensable to a successful party.

Running inflatable rental business is not so hard with the most fun and durable inflatable obstacle courses in your rental area. Pay attention to your inflatables’ quality. Obstacle courses constructed with double-reinforced technology can add years of life, and more rental life means more profit. The inflatable obstacle courses from East inflatable manufacturing Co.,Ltd can ensure this point.

Apart from entertaining, the inflatable obstacle course also helps the children to learn and improves children’s intelligence. You can run indoor parties with inflatable obstacle courses, encourage the children to be a member of various activities. With the different types and sizes of inflatable obstacle course, the children can jump through the hoops, race with each other, push the different obstacle and have great fun. Inflatable obstacle courses will let them never forget the exciting party. Whether any area, they will be attracted by inflatable obstacle courses.

With these above features, you will quickly withdraw your inflatable investment and find that even one obstacle course will dramatically increase your revenue. Soon, they will be the source of fun and laughter for next school event , church youth activities and any other festival.

Come on! This longer version of the classic obstacle course is always a favor for kids and adults alike. With inflatable obstacle course and other games, kids can enjoy themselves at the party and have a good time in your rental party.

Written by Cathy from East Inflatables.

Introduction for 5 in 1 Combo

East Inflatables 5 in 1 Combo has jump, basketball hoop, climb, slide and obstacle. What’s more, our art panels on 5 in 1 combo are detachable. They will be great renters for your business!

1. Jump
The jump area is not very big, but it offers a basketball hoop and both log and pop-up obstacles.

2. Basketball Hoop
Simple design and double reinforced workmanship make the basketball interesting and secure.

3. Climb
This climb feature is easy to go step up.

4. Slide
5 in 1 combo has a slide feature and a convenient exit slide for hours of active fun!

The obstacle course is truly an obstacle course instead of a couple of popups.
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6. Detachable Art Panel
The special is art panels are detachable. You can use our 5 in 1 combo with different themes by changing different art panels.
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Written by Sharon from East Inflatables.

Water Activities With Inflatables

When the temperature rises, one of the first things kids and adults think of is jumping in the swimming pool, if you incorporate a few water activities like water trampoline, iceberg, rocker, spinner, Inflatable Balance Beam, Inflatable Floating Climbing Slide, you’ll keep the fun going all summer long.

Today I’m going to recommend you popular water games as following:

Inflatable Trampoline For Water Park
Inflatable water park trampoline is the one of popular element for water park .This middle size is the just right to fit the metal steel and powerful spring .With Stainless steel on it ,for the safety problem ,we will add the mat on the steel to avoid hurt . It can connect with slide , bridge or other elements .Your best unique choice for aqua park.

Water Park Floating Slide
Water Park Floating Slide is the one of middle water park freefall .This kind of equipment is good for adults and also children .This design of the curve climbing wall is easy for people to climb up . About the resting area in the middle of this item ,there are some accessories for children to play here and rest here . Get this in ocean, lake or pool, step up from one slide and slip from other side or jump into water from the top. Convenient climbing wall incorporates resting steps so even younger ones can make it to the top.

Inflatable Floating Iceberg
Inflatable Floating Iceberg is the one of hot sale in inflatable water park .It also called island .It would be some challenge even the most gifted climbers. Then after you reach the peak and you’re rewarded with a giant slide. It is not only suit for adults but also for children to promote children’s courage to defeat difficulties .We add many steps on three sides for climbing and one side for slide . It is important element in the park also ,not only bring a lot of fun ,but also provide chance to practice your power.

Double Rocker
It’s a classic! The Rocker comes in two sizes, and is designed as a teeter totter for the water – so get on, hold on tight, and get ready to rock.

Balance Beam
Try to walk this long and narrow beam, this will test your balance and concentration. Good possibility to show your physical strengths in a face-to-face competition. Who fell into the water,who would be loser. Come on, let’s fight!

Come on, everybody, It’s a sports day of water.

Written by Ada from East Inflatables.

What kind of inflatables is suitable for summer

If you are looking for a good way to cool off this summer then water fun is always a good option. You could either get a pool installed or you could buy an inflatable water slide. The inflatable water slide is perfect for backyards. It is designed to ensure hours of fun. As a popular summer item, your kids and loved ones will truly enjoy it. When finding a slide for your backyard, you want to make sure that you find one that is easy to move. In most cases, people find the ones that are easy to inflate and deflate. This allows for easy storage in the winter and also moving it around when needed.

Inflatable slides are the perfect addition to any summer party, or to bring some sunshine to any celebration. There are two kinds of inflatable slides, inflatable water slides and inflatable dry slides. All you need to do is supply water. It is easy. If you would like it to be wet slide, just put some water in the pools, if you need it to be dry, and just remove the water. Is that simple?

Inflatable slide is a great way to promote enjoyable and healthy activity, and will add excitement and value to any indoor or outdoor event.

If you are doing rental business, I advise you to buy inflatable water park which will bring you more fun. It’s the most popular inflatable water games.

Not only you but also your friends and your kids will have great fun with the inflatable water games, to fight with the hot summer, you won’t be boring any longer.

We are a manufacture specialized in designing, producing and selling inflatable products for many years, our products were sold all over the world for the high quality and very competitive price. Welcome to inquire us for more information.

Written by Amy from East Inflatables.

East Inflatables EBay Retail store develops in Direct-selling Worldwide

Trust everyone experiences online shoppingmore or less,such as EBay, Amazon, etc. Mentioned the pros and cons, maybe you could tell a long long story, right?

So far, we have opened a new market channel through EBay to meet the demands of retails.Don’t have to find a broker to import especiallyjust for one or two regular castles.
Never feel annoyed when your accessory is broken or your banners are out of date.
In East Retail store, you could find or customize what you want.Maybe there is not all items listed on EBay, but it doesn’t matter if you could contact our customer service staff to get a detailed product catalog.

For Australian customers, within Sydney, we directly ship the products from Sydney warehouse free of charge. Except Australia, we are free shipping your products from our China Factory to your door by international express, such as FedEx, DHL, etc. Both of these are fast and could avoid that many complex import procedures. Door to door service helps you experience shop worldwide better.

Written by Fiona from East Inflatables.

What does the inflatable jumping house come with?

Inflatable jumping house, also known as bouncy castle, moon bouncers, inflatable castle and so on. They are widely and popularly used for events such as birthday parties, get-togethers, family reunions, fests, school events and other special occasions.

Buying jumping house will give your kids their own wonderland to have non stop fun. But do you know what does the inflatable jumping house come with?

Generally, a jumping house in East Inflatables come with air blower, repair kit, Stakes, ground sheet, package bag and product brochure.

1) Air blower: East Inflatables offer different types of blowers according to you need.

2) Rep: air KitThe repair kits includes extra PVC material, adhesive, needles and string.

3) Stakes

4) Ground Sheet

5) Package Bag: PVC Storage bag for jumping house and Cartoon for Blower.

6) Product Brochure

Tips: If you like, we also can add some extra service for free:Company’s logo, Business Card Holder and Basketball Hoop.

Company’s Logo

Business Card Holder

Basketball Hoop

Written by Doris from East Inflatables.

How can inflatable modeling help you with your business?

With inflatable modeling, you can certainly make an instant brand awareness. Many chances are that inflatable modeling is an easy way to attract media attention. You know, increased visibility always means increased profits. The inflatable modeling from East inflatable manufacturing Co.,Ltd can last 3 years. And some last long if they are used properly such as advertisements, sky dancers .You must input some money at the begin of your business and then use them usually with different price which depends on the using time or the using press. Not long time later you will earn your funds.

The shape of inflatable modeling is another advantage of it. You can design an unique one and create it and pop it up any place as you like. Unlimited sign creativity is amazing as the state of the art technology. Unique and custom and arbitrary, everyone will love it so much. Inflatable modeling is the best value for you marketing budget. It is made of fabrics and paint with inks. It is easy to set up, easy to transport. Another important factor you can’t miss is that it can be fast produced, especially helpful for urgent promotions. As it is large, you do not have to be in fear of missing it.

With the rapid technology, people need to relax with the more and more pressed. Meanwhile the inflatable modeling is more and more popular between the child and adults because you can jump, dance, bounce and slide as well as what you like.

Wish you succeed with the inflatable modeling!


Written by Cathy from With East Inflatables.