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Why not choose Inflatable bouncers for your birthday party ?

Everything in our society is ever evolving, and so is the trend in children’s party, weekends and holidays. So how to add fun and attraction to your birthday party? Do you want to organize a special birthday party for your kids? Yes! The inflatable bouncers are nice choice! Inflatable bounce house is the perfect way to combine fun and healthy activity, and will add value to any party or festive day.

Nowadays, it is just not a real birthday party … Read More

Three Payment Ways

A payment is the transfer of an item of value from one party (such as a person or company) to another in exchange for the provision of goods, services or both, or to fulfill a legal obligation.

Three payment ways are accepted by East Inflatables:Wire Transfer, Western Union and Paypal.

1. Wire Transfer: A wire transfer is an electronic method of transferring funds from one person or company to another. Wire transfers are typically one of … Read More

Inflatable Exercise Benefits

Inflatable sport , which originated a long history Features It has a high fitness functions and entertainment. Let us count the benefits of EAST inflatables.
A Inflatable sports promote our metabolism, improve motor skills, physical fitness and overall development of good body.
B Inflatable sports have higher fitness function. You can experience aerobic exercise, maintain balance, enhance the accuracy and rhythmic movements.
C Inflatable sports can promote the regulation of human central nervous system, muscle strength development. Strengthen internal organs … Read More

Which delivery way is most suitable for your inflatables?

You may be confused with choosing the best way to transport your inflatables from China.
There are three delivery ways for your choice.

By sea
Generally, customers prefer to choose shipping by sea because It can save them much cost.
Seller will ship goods to your nearest port.
Shipping time is 15 days to 30 days.
Shipment fee is very cheap.
You need to clear customs and pay duty on your port.
So we suggest that you order more than … Read More

Why E1-004 is so popular?

This is our best-selling jumping castle this year. But do you know why it is so popular? Several reasons may account for the phenomenon.

First of all, this unit is equipped with a slide & a climb inside. You can play more games and enjoy more interest with your kids, instead of jumping only. What’s more, it features detachable art panel. With different themed banners, it can save much more purchase cost for some more similar castles.

Secondly, each inflatable … Read More


In East Inflatables, safety is our priority. Our rules help everyone to stay safe while having fun. It is very important that ride attendants watch out for the safety of participants and observe the following rules:

1.Always have at least one trained adult to supervise riders at all times.
2.Do not use slide as bouncer.
3.Instruct all passengers to ride individually. Single riders only!
4.Never jump, flip or somersault off top of slide.
5.Supervisor should not allow participants to slide … Read More

Huawei Air-Blower

The air blower we use to inflate is Huawei Air Blower. They meet CE/UL Certificate.
Low Noise, High Flow-rate Unit, Suitable for Outdoor, enclosed area or Indoor use.
They are great for Indoor & Household Use and Easy to Move and Store.

Below please check parameter selections of air blowers.


Remark: Some countries are in 220V voltage, but the frequency is 60Hz, such as French Polynesia.

2 3

4 5

Written by Sharon from East Inflatables.

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How to buy good quality inflatables in China ?

If you are still hesitate or worried about how to buy good quality inflatables. And it’s hard for you to make a decision. Here we East Inflatables as the manufacturer give you some little tips for how to buy good quality inflatables in China.

Firstly, you should know from whom you will buy inflatables. In other words, you must learn some manufacturers who produce inflatables. You can view their website and Facebook which will provide you more info. Or you … Read More

How to Clean Inflatable Pools ?

An inflatable pool can be a source of enjoyment for family and friends. Swimmers, pets, airborne debris and rain all contribute to making the pool dirty, so regular maintenance is necessary to keep it sanitary. Using the pool often or only occasionally does not make a difference; you need to dedicate about two hours each week to maintain and cleaning your pool.


1.Remove all objects from the pool to avoid damaging or clogging the vacuum or filter.Use a pool … Read More

What are popular banners on inflatable bouncers now?

More and more inflatable bouncers can have interchangeable banners now. Different theme banner brings much more chances to your rental business. Choosing popular theme banners is very important to you.
East Inflatables come with interchangeable banners too and have a lot of hot banners for your choice.
You can choose banners from our catalog or send us your ideal pictures.
We will make correct size and shape banners according to your bouncers.
Here we introduce some hot banners to you:… Read More