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How to repair bounce house?

Bounce houses are thrown into rental business often, you should know how to fix your bounce house if it develops a tear or puncture.
Here we teach you two repair ways according to two different problems.
1)Repair object: tear or puncture on PVC
Repair kits: ruler, hair dryer, glue, PVC patch


Repair steps:
1. Cut out the patch that is large than the puncture.
2. The patch must be out in a circle or have rounded edges to prevent peeling.
3. Make sure the area is properly cleaned. Rubbing alcohol may be used to clean a tear surface.
4. For vinyl or nylon, apply the glue on back of patch and apply it over the puncture and press firmly to obtain proper adhesion.
5. Once repair is complete, do not inflate the bounce house for at least 2 hours.


1.Be sure that the item is clean and dry before applying the patch.
2. Don’t use a bicycle repair kit patch. It is for rubber not vinyl. The bounce house is a vinyl type plastic and Wal-Mart or any other major store has what are called “vinyl repair kits”.

2)Repair object: tear on thread stitching part
Repair kits: PVC patch, needle, thread or PVC patch and sewing machine


1. Cut the patch to fit over the tear with an extra inch of the patch on each side.
2. Using needle to sew the patch with each side all along. Like picture 1


(Picture 1)
3. Repeat the step 2 on the other side.
4. Or you can use sewing machine to fix the bounce house.
Like picture 2


(Picture 2)
Tips & Warnings
1. Be sure that the item is clean and dry before applying the patch.
2. Using double stitch even quadruple -stitched to fix the tear.

Written by Candy from East Inflatables.

How can you tell if a bouncer is of good quality?

No matter you are using it for business purpose or personal use, you need your bouncer to be of good quality. So how can you tell if a bouncer is of good quality?

First the bouncer should be individually tested, no matter for the material or for the structure. Just to be sure, the bouncers are safe for human being’s use, lead free. And better check up if the bouncers are up to the standard of your country’s usage beforehand.

Second, the bouncers need to be reinforced to extend its usage, and below is an excellent example from East inflatable:


Written by Ada from East Inflatables.

Warranty Service

Warranty Service:

A. Our Products in our website code number (such as bouncers, slides, combos, obstacles, etc.) come with 2 years warranty. Regarding Customized Inflatables, come with 6 months warranty.

B. The blower comes with 2 years warranty.

C. We’ll match each product with a repair kit which includes glue, relative thread, Same Color PVC material, etc.

D. Please note that since this warranty applies to defects in material and workmanship, it does not apply to damage caused by: neglect, lack of maintenance, accident or abnormal operation.

How to Claim Warranty Services:

Please read the following information below to make sure the damage you have is covered and within Warranty stated time frame.

a) If damage is valid per the Warranty, please take digital photos clearly displaying the nature of the damage and email them to or the sales person you contacted before, along with detailed description of the problem.

b) If the product is not badly damaged, you can repair it yourself with the repair kit according to the repair instruction.

c) If the product is badly damaged, you can send the items back to us for inspection, we’ll be responsible for the repairing, but this will waste time and energy of both parties.

And in fact, the most convenient way is that you can repair it in your place, and we will negotiate with you about the repair fee.




Written by Cathy from East Inflatables.

How to set up one bouncer ?

How to set up one bouncer ?

1. Place the tarp on the space where you need it to be put. The ground needs to be level and not on any type of incline. It also needs to be between 100 to 200 feet to the closest power source.

2. Set down the rolled up bouncer on the back of the tarp. The back part of the inflatable bouncer is the part with two blower tubes. Now unroll it towards the front of the tarp. Have a few people help you do this to make sure that nothing is going to get in the way and to see that it is moving evenly.

3. Connect the blower to one of the tubes on the back and tie it down using the strap that is attached to it. Make sure to seal off the second tube so that no air is being released. This one will be used when you are taking the bouncer down.

4. Plug the extension cord into the back part of the bouncer and run it to the power outlet. Plug the blower in and be sure that the air is not escaping while it blows up. There should be no power lines or tree branches that it can hit while on the way up. As the air goes into the tube it will unfold itself.

5. When it is inflated you have to tie down the corner straps to the ground with stakes. Make sure to place cones over the stakes so people know to avoid them.


Written by Amy from East Inflatables.

How to order?

How to order?
1.Choose your favorite items and we will send you Proforma Invoice for final confirmation.
2.We will start your order after receiving 50% deposit (we accept Wire Transfer, Western Union and Paypal). If order In Stock items, full payment is needed.
We will design according to your requirements and email you for confirmation (If it is customized design)
3.When order finished, we will email you the digital pics for your confirmation. If you’re satisfied with it, we will arrange the delivery once balance is done.
4.We will send you Bill of Lading, Commercial Invoice or Packing list and all the import documents once your goods leave the board.
5.You will be informed to pick up the goods once your goods arrive at destination.


Written by Eva from East Inflatables.

Water Ball

Water Ball Usage Rules:

1. Never use without adult supervision
2. Always test and check product and equipment before use
3. Always lubricate zipper before use
4. Always check safety equipment before use
5. User must be at least 5 years old, and be able to swim
6. User must not weigh more than 90 KG
7. User must not be under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other stimulus
8. User must not have undergone surgery within the last 6 months
9. Never use in stormy water, or if there are strong currents

Usage of water-walking ball:


The water ball is inflated with a special pump, when fully inflated the ball contains enough air for 45 minutes of continuous use, but we recommend to always refill the ball with fresh air after 10 minutes of use.

The water ball can be used at very low water level, and 40-50 cm of water is sufficient for the user to have tons of fun.

When using the water ball the user should empty their pockets of sharp objects, and remove their shoes before climbing into the water ball.

There can only be one person inside the water ball at a time, this is to make sure that the users does not collide and hurt each other

The maximum weight allowed in the water ball is 90 KG People suffering of high blood pressure, heart problems, epilepsy or claustrophobia are not recommended to use the water ball nor if you are visibly drunk or affected by drugs.

The water ball can be used anywhere there is water including, beaches, pools, lakes, rivers.


More Storage Rules

  • Always dry the ball before storage.
  • Always clean the ball before storage.
  • Never fold the zipper when stored.
  • Always lubricate the zipper before storage.
  • Always dry the safety ropes and equipment before storage.

Written by Doris from from East inflatables !

A New Marketing Channel

Nowadays, EAST Inflatables Company has developed a new marketing channel, EBay Retail Store on Australian site, for convenience of more customers. No matter you just want to buy one jumping castle or slide for family use or for commercial uses, why not choose to buy from our Retail Store?

With a safe online shopping platform, you could view the shipping information at any time, instead of worrying about the cargo missing. Unlike purchasing overseas, you don’t have to pay extra import tax, clearance fee and handling fees. For more customers import experience, choosing to buy from our retail store may be much easier and more convenient. What’s more, all jumping castles in our retail store are shipped from our Sydney warehouse directly.

It’ll be shipped to you in a short time, much quicker than international shipping. As for the quality of our products, seeing is believing, the pictures below vividly show you the manual techniques and best PVC of commercial grade. Featured by Double Reinforced stitched, our products are much more durable and stronger than those cheaper ones.

Welcome to visit EAST EBay Retail Store by link east inflatables . More surprises waiting for you!


Written by Fiona from East Inflatables.